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Reclaim Your Kitchen Blueprint

Create a streamlined, organised kitchen that makes your life so much easier.

The kitchen is the busiest and most hard working space in your home.

From your morning coffee, breakfast time, packing lunches, preparing and cooking dinner, making snacks, entertaining guests.... being a rubbish and recycling centre and a catch-all for incoming mail, paperwork and family schedules.

It really is the heart of the home. It's not surprising that it can get out of control!

Keeping it clean and making sure it's organised in a way that makes your life easier and everyone can find what they need is exhausting.

From overwhelmed and stressed. Where you just can't think straight...

To relaxed and easy. So you can treasure those important moments :)

Is your kitchen driving you crazy?

You know there's a better way to set up your kitchen, but

don't know where to start.

Any containers and solutions you've tried are never quite right, or don't stay maintained.

You feel guilty throwing food out that has gone off because it's been forgotton about.

Money is wasted on buying stuff you already have because

you can't see it.

It's overwhelming trying to research all the different solutions, and you just don't have the time.

Deciding what to have for dinner that everyone will enjoy and you have the right ingredients for is a nightmare.

An organised, uncluttered kitchen reduces stress and saves you time and money!

But, it can be hard to figure out where to start and what will work best for your family and lifestyle.

Wouldn't it be easier if you had an expert at organising kitchens to give you a personalised plan?

A holistic view of your current set-up and understanding what's working and problem solving for what's not to optimise the space.

Tried and tested organising products that will actually fit your cupboards or drawers and work for the items you're storing.

Identifying habits & routines that involve the whole family for long-term success.

Are you ready to Reclaim Your Kitchen?

Imagine an uncluttered and streamlined kitchen optimised for your unique lifestyle.


It will be such a relief to have a functional kitchen that just works.

Your kitchen, and your mind, will be

clean and clear, allowing you to focus on more important things.


Everything will have a place, and the whole family will know where things are.

And it'll be so much easier to see what you have, so you can decide what to make for dinner.


Making a shopping list will be quicker and you'll save money on groceries as you won't be buying duplicates.

You'll also reduce your food waste as you'll be able to see what needs using up.


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Have some questions?

Happy to jump on a call to see if this is right for you. Send me an email to with your phone number and best time to call.

Your privacy is important to us and we are committed to protecting it.

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How do we create your Kitchen Blueprint?

Sarah Deitz - supporting professional organisers

To create your personalised Kitchen Blueprint we will have two sessions together over zoom.

Session 1 (approx 1.5hrs)

I'll get a holistic view of your current set-up and we'll discuss your vision & goals for your kitchen. I'll take an inventory of everything, and we'll talk through your current habits & routines, what's working and what's not working.

We'll book in the second session about a week later where I'll present back your personalised plan.

Session 2 (45mins - 1hr)

I'll take you through your plan and answer any questions. You'll get a video recording and a PDF of your plan that will include:

  • Annotated diagram showing exactly where to put everything.

  • Tailored solutions for all your decluttering & organising needs.

  • A shopping list of recommended organising products to buy.

  • Habits & routines for long-term success.

Finally you will know exactly how to set-up your streamlined, organised kitchen so that your life is so much easier.

Hi Sarah, our Church Family, Briga and I want to say a huge thank you for designing our new kitchen. It looks great and is so functional. You were such a pleasure to work with and we are so pleased with the finished product. Very impressed by your creativity and flexibility!!!

Lionel Rattenbury

Hope Church, Helensburgh

[We are] loving the set up of the kitchen and I cannot thank you enough for your assistance. The suggestions of organisation products was very helpful and I was able to purchase some items this weekend for the pantry. I also took your idea of moving the crockery to the middle pull out draw and really like the set up. We’ve gained so much more space in the upper cupboards as well! Brilliant.



It was so great to work with you Sarah, and what relief to have processed all that clutter so quickly 😊 I have put some of the extra things in place that you suggested, for extra storage and efficiency in my office, and it now looks very organised and has been working really well for me. Thank you so much!


Stanwell Park

Hi, I'm Sarah,

I support & motivate overwhelmed families juggling the demands of everyday life.

I believe that what’s in your home should be intentional and organised in a way that makes your life easier, reduces your daily decisions and makes you smile 🙂

As a parent I’m all too familiar with that overwhelming feeling that comes from a never ending to do list and the desire to get it all right. When things start to unravel at home it can take an unnecessary toll.

That’s why I’m passionate about helping you create a home that you can relax and have fun in so you can truly treasure your time together as a family.

Mental Health First Aider
International School of Colour + Design (ISCD)
Institute for Challenging Disorganization